Censor Project


Now more than ever it’s important as women we come together.

This project came about in recent weeks after feeling overwhelmed with helplessness after a shocking election. It’s that moment when I felt we cannot let regressive ideology win and we must take these feelings and put them into action.

The censor graphic was created for my debut collection in 2012 for the girl with a rebel heart. hard to believe today it still resonates almost more so iconic.

BETH RICHARDS is a brand committed to feminism and women. When I started swimwear I had no idea how it would transform me, the stories and moments I would share with my clients. I have been privy to their most vulnerable moments but also a part of rebuilding their confidence.

It’s in this spirit that as torn down as we may feel, we will rebuild.

In conjunction with the Gloria Steinem foundation proceeds of this capsule will go towards the betterment of Women’s lives and progressing Women’s rights around the world on the quest for equality.

As Gloria once said, “Don’t think about making women fit the world – think about making the world fit women.”


In solidarity,

Beth Richards
Founder + Creative Director


100% of proceeds of the Censor tee will be donated - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE