BETH RICHARDS is Quality Modern Swimwear. Made sustainably and with integrity, uses the highest standards of construction and quality, ethically manufactured in Canada.
Rooted in Female Empowerment paired with sophisticated design, Beth has been evolving the brand to be as versatile as the women who wear it since 2011.

“This is not just a swimsuit. It's an opportunity to change the way women feel about swimwear.”

See her Designers note HERE.
We wish we could be there to fit every garment with our customers but a few things to note as you try your new suit(s) on:
A little snug? No worries - the fabric will relax (soften and shape to your body) when wet.
Prints can also fit on the smaller side but be assured will also soften after your first wet wear.


All our products are Made in Canada, promoting first-world / non-exploitative living wages for all our employees. We ensure working conditions adhere to environmental and labor standards put in place. We aim to have little waste and some garments use recycled materials and dyes.
Fabric Info: Our fabric is High Quality Italian stretch, 50+ UVB Protection against harmful UV rays. We use many fabrics that use Recycled Polyester, ask us about ECONYL® or read more about it HERE.
Mesh: Our mesh fabric should be treated like bare skin – always protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, long sleeves or protective headwear.
Sustainability: Making our product in Canada reduces our carbon footprint where we can ensure best practices are being followed and waste is mitigated. We aim to have as little waste as possible by being Carbon Neutral. We produce what we need, keeping production controlled to ensure the highest standards of quality and construction are maintained




Design: When you invest in a BETH RICHARDS garment you are supporting an independent designer’s innovative ideas. Taking the time to create something unique and beautiful that stands the test of time. As you know many ideas are adopted, there is value in knowing when something is authentic and took time and effort to develop into a wearable product.
Quality: We use the highest quality fabric, lining and elastic and trims imported from Italy and France. Why Europe? They are the experts. Europeans are well known for being innovative in construction and share the same values when it comes to their people and the environment. We know we will always get a premium product as they too adhere to strict quality control guidelines.




We recognize as Canadian’s we are much more fortunate than many women, girls and people around the world. We choose many foundations and charities to support like the YWCA, WWF, BLM and Canada Helps Indigenous Women's Charities among others. Feel free to email us if you have a suggestion or nominated charity to recommend.
We believe in intersectional feminism, and that includes support for Black Lives Matter, Trans Visibility and are opposed to discrimination and hate towards any person on this planet.




We do not pay for promotional influencing as we want authentic experiences with our product. This has been a core value since we started in 2011. We love working with photographers and influencers however will not pay for specific product endorsements.